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Our Story


The owner, registered nurse with specialty in critical care, grew up in Europe eating organic NON-GMO farm to table food prepared in season. Upon arrival to the United States of America she immediately noticed the lack of taste in the food and the deficient food quality. Her body adjusted to the food slowly as it took toll on the health. The owner and some of the family members over the years of ingesting FDA approved genetically modified food with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, which are banned by the European Union as harmful to health, developed issues with progressive autoimmune diseases.

We were literally desperate for a natural solution. Despite improving our diet, our bodies felt like we were starving for nutrition and energy. Over the years it had seemed like we tried just about everything such as fermenting foods or home brewing kambucha in the quest for nutrients. All efforts were an investment, took a lot of time, effort and reserch. We were desperately looking for a safe solution.

Our lives have changedand and improved since we discovered  FitlLine premium nutritional supplements made in Germany by PM-International. We learned how to supplement our nutrition and lead a healthy lifestyle.

We were introduced to the FitLine Premium Nutritional Supplements and FitlineSkin products by a friend from Europe.  We will always remember the day we learned about Nutrition Transport Concept (NTC)® present in all the Fitline products assuring cellular nutrition by "delivering nutrients to all cells exactly when and where they are needed"*.

PM-International has done all the work and research creating the latest generation of FitLine prmium nutritinal supplements. We love that most nutrients are available in the form of drinks which are prepared with water, and all are very delicious. FitLine nutritional supplements are non-GMO, gluten free, most products are vegan, made to the strictest specifications of the European Union. Halal and Kosher certification is so important to make sure FitLine nutritional supplements are completely safe and free of any contamination. Purity is proven by the third party testing. 

We started our journey by enjoying delicious drink FitLine PowerCocktail every morning. The awrness and the feeling of fueling the body with pure nutrients is priceless. We felt results quickly.

Everyday we take PowerCocktail, Restorate, Activize, Munogen, ProShape Amino, HeartDuo and use the Ultimate Young FitlineSkin cosmetics. Our favorite product is Munogen. Now, we have the peace of mind that our families get the healthy, clean, NON-GMO, Vegan, gluten free nutrition we all need to start the day.

We were inspired by the quality and purity of FitLine supplements.  We have experienced great results with the products, such as more energy and focus and so much more.

The owner felt compelled to inform the public about the benefits  decided to share and coach clients and she developed consulting practice.  The owner  mentored and trained the team of regitered nurses. Through her passion to share she became authorized Fitline supplement distributors in the US and world wide. Her dream of owning family business came true.

Our goal is to help everyone learn about the benefits of the daily use of premium cellular nutrition.

We hope you enjoy products we ecomend. We hope that you will order Fitline supplements via our exclusive SHOP NOW Vitaminology Inc. link on our home page.

Thank you for your patronage and support.

 Vitaminology Inc. 

* information courtesy of PM-International


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